Who are we ?

welcome to PixGamePlay , the sanctuary for retro video game enthusiasts!

We are a team of fervent admirers of the golden era of gaming, united by the desire to share our passion for the games that marked our childhood and continue to inspire generations of gamers.

Our mission

We want to revive the unique sensations of games from yesteryear by offering retro game consoles that are both authentic and modernized. We believe the true joy of gaming lies in the simplicity and nostalgia that has shaped the world of gaming.

Our history

It all started in a small garage, where our personal collection of consoles and video games transformed into a quest to allow everyone to rediscover these treasures of yesteryear.

Our engagement

At PixGamePlay, we are committed to providing quality products and customer service. Each console is carefully tested and prepared to guarantee you an optimal gaming experience. We always listen to our customers and are constantly looking to improve our catalog to meet your retro gaming desires! 🎮 🪄